Saturday, 30 June 2012

Accessorize Nail Polish-Colorado

Bit unfortunate that I'm reviewing this while the awful widfires are going on in Colarado at the moment I have to say, but that aside I'm really pleased with my latest purchase from Superdrug. I am also displeased though. For I have let myself down. Again. Laura, please tell yourself, I DO NOT NEED MORE NAIL POLISH!!
But at £1.95 how can you go wrong in all honesty?! That's a bargain for such an unusual, versatile shade. Whilst it's toned down enough for work it's not boring at all. At first glance it seems to be a standard grey but on closer inspection it contains a fine pinky gold shimmer, similar to the 'Utah' shade I have previously reviewed. The shimmer is not massively noticeable on the nails, it's very subtle, but adds just enough interest to stop it being flat. When it catches the sunlight it's really lovely. Speaking, or writing, of lighting, in some lights I find it to be more of a dove grey whilst in others it can look more taupey. Again it's a hard shade to describe but one I think I'll get a lot of wear out of.
It took three coats to get the opacity I wanted but each coat dried quickly and to a smooth finish. I did struggle at times with the application as the brush is rather narrow. If I didn't load it up with enough polish to cover the nail quickly in one go then the polish did start to catch as I covered each section. I think this is also down to the quick drying time, as well as my lack of skill! Not a massive problem at all though.

I've tried to show it in different lights - I always think nail polish is hard to capture on camera though. Anyways I'd really recommend getting yourself down to Superdrug and picking up a few of the nail polishes- I've been very impressed with the ones so far. They've also got other offers throughout the Accessorize range. I was temped by a lipgloss but I resisted!

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