Saturday, 9 June 2012

BeautyUK Posh Polish Gemstone Collection - Elfstone

I bought this polish on a whim a while back and it's been lurking in my collection ever since waiting to have it's first outing. I was bored last night so thought I'd give it a whirl. I'm not very keen on 'frosty' metallic sort of polishes but I think I quite like this one. It's a silvery pale green, with the colours changing depending on the lighting. Such a hard polish to photograph! It's very pretty and sparkly in the sun though I have to say :)  
 No complaints with the formula - it went on smoothly and was fairly opaque in two coats, which dried pretty fast. I always think these sort of shades are more forgiving so they're perfect when you don't have much time and as a result application is a bit sloppy! Overall, not my favourite shade ever but makes a nice change from my usual choices.
£3.49 from Superdrug or from the BeautyUK website. It also comes in 5 other shades-Amethyst, Sunstone, Topaz, Sunstone and Silmaril.

Excuse the crappy cuticles


  1. I like it, it's a pretty color! :)

  2. Really cute! Decent metallic nail polishes are so hard to find, most of the ones I've ever used are far too sheer even after about ten coats lol. Two coats for this opacity is great, I like the small bottle too I find bigger bottles always go gloopy by the time they are used up x

    1. I've got so many polishes I think most will go gloopy on me, haha. It is a good metallic polish, tempted to try another one!