Monday, 25 June 2012

Guest Post : My Sister's Makeup Bag

Hello, this is Laura's sister :). I'm nosey. I always like to know what's lurking in other women's makeup bags and what they use on a daily basis. So I though I'd show mine! Nothing fancy, just what I've stuck to for quite some time. No blush or eyeshadows as I don't use them an awful lot...

Here's a little run down of what's what;

I forgot to photograph the actual bag but in case anyone's interested it's a Boots Botanics one that I got in a swap!

MAC Mineralize Skinfinish Natural in Light - I don't like wearing foundations as I find them to be more trouble than they're worth. I always end up with a new crop of spots the next day >_< Instead I prefer to use this as it gives a decent amount of coverage considering it's just a powder. It definitely won't cover up blemishes completely but gives a bit more polish to a bare face. No MACne in sight!

e.l.f Complexion Brush - I love this brush! So soft! I use this to apply the MSFN.

Topshop Eyelash Curlers - Not much to say about these other than they do the job!

Sleek Pout Polish in Peach Perfection - The texture of this is lovely. Feels really nice and comfortable on my lips. No stickiness whatsoever. I also like that it has SPF 15. I'm not usually a fan of vanilla scents but this is an exception - not too sickly. I don't get a strong peach colour, more like a subtle peachy sheen.

MUA Lipgloss in Shade 4 - 14ml for a quid is great value! As you can see this is a peach/nude shade with a slight gold shimmer running through it. It's not as smooth as the Sleek Pout Polish but still pretty nontheless.

Models Own Lipgloss in Glossy Pink - They really went to town with that name didn't they? lol. If I remember rightly I only paid 50p for this. I think they were trying to shift the overstock as it was originally part of a deal where if you bought 2 bottles of Diet Coke then you got one of these for free. Unoffensive pink that you can put on and forget about.

Pink Grapefruit Badger Balm - The little picture is sooo cute! It's a badger brandishing a wand hehe. These balms are olive oil based and certified organic. It does a great job in repairing chapped lips.

Maybelline Great Lash Mascara in Brownish Black - This mascara gets a lot of stick but whatever, I really like it and would buy it again in a heartbeat!

No7 Amazing Eyes Pencil in 10 Brown - My absolute favourite eyeliner. Def 'Holy Grail' status.

e.l.f Eyebrow Kit in Ash - This set is an excellent match for my blonde brows. It comes with a wax, a powder and a dual ended applicator (which is actually pretty decent). I love that it doesn't pull red like a lot of other brow colours meant for blondes.

17 Eyebrow Shaper in Natural Brown - Another nice brow shade, just a touch darker for a added definition.

MUA Clear Mascara - For setting my brows. Bog standard.

Then I have my Jemma Kidd tweezers, e.l.f spoolie and a Revlon Vital Radiance brow brush.

Hope you enjoyed! x


  1. Wow lucky girl that you can go without foundation haha! And I love Great Lash Mascara too, its always my fall back mascara. xox

    1. Thanks for your comment :) My skin is far from great, but I just hate it when I get those annoying (and super sore!) under the skin bumps that usually appear after I use foundation. I love the Great Lash as an everyday mascara. Nice and natural!

      Cara. x