Sunday, 3 June 2012

May Favourites

This month has flown by, really don't know where the time has gone. I've spent a lot of time this month job hunting and going to interviews so make up wise I've either been sitting indoors glued to the comp wearing nothing (not naked, as my sis Cara thought and lol'd at!) or out babbling and generally getting flustered wearing neutrals. I've not included it here but my go-to lipstick for interviews was my Maybelline Color Sensational one in Pink Brown that I mentioned in my makeup faves post.

I wasn't that keen on the Garnier Miracle Skin Perfector BB Cream when I first got it but I've grown to rather like it. As I've said previously it is perhaps a bit too dark for me but once blended out and finished with powder it looks fine. It gives me a nice glow and goes on smoothly. Most foundations usually cling to dry areas around my nose and the space in between my eyebrows (even though I exfoliate and moisturise well- so annoying) but this one doesn't thankfully. I've actually been reaching for this over my mineral powder lately but I think this may be due to the fact that I'm using the new Collection 2000 mineral powder instead of my usual Loreal one and I'm not loving it as much! 

My favourite blush combo this month is definitely Sleek Suede blush, used as a contour, and Elf Studio blush in Pink Passion. It makes my cheekbones stand out more and it helped me feel more confident on interviews. I have a baby face so I felt it made me look a little older!

My lips feel like they are constantly dry and scaly.So annoying especially when the flakes makes my lipsticks cling. Not good. I used to use Carmex, the one in the tube, and for a while I thought it was working, but it just seemed to lose its effectiveness. I'd put it on a night reapply loads throughout the day, but my lips would still be bone dry for the most part. So I thought I'd get a new one and the one I chose was Burt's Bees. I'd heard good things about it and was hoping it would be more nourishing, which I think it is. I love the mintyness and it has a good texture-more waxy and less slippy than other ones meaning it seems to stay on longer. I think the condition of my lips has improved since using this but it could also be because it's not so cold anymore and my lips aren't suffering in the elements. Either way I reckon I'll be sticking with this for a while. Would love to try the mango one!
Another makeup item that has stood out to me is my little sample sized Clinique High Impact mascara that was a magazine freebie. I love that I can put on multiple layers and it doesn't go clumpy at all. It means I can really take my time to make sure my lashes look how I want them too. It does take a few coats to get the effect I want but because of the easy application it's not an issue. Plus it comes off really easily. Can't be doing with scrubbing at my eyes when all I want is to crash out. I'd consider buying the full size of this.

Hair care wise I've been enjoying using V05 Miracle Concentrate-elixir with argan oil. I'm in dire need of a haircut so until I can get to a hairdressers I've been needing something to make my hair look that little bit healthier. I use quite a few drops as my hair is thick, fairly long and fairly dry! It needs it! It doesn't make it look greasy at all and I do think it makes my hair smoother. Plus the smell is gorgeous, reminds me of Love Heart of Refresher sweets. It's good value for money too as it'll last me for ages.

It's possibly a bit naff but this month I've been using 'Play it Lovely' perfume by Playboy. I got given it at Christmas along with a matching bodyspray. It's not something I would have chosen for myself at all! But I have to admit it smells nice and is light and easy to wear. I can't describe it myself so I've stolen this description from Boots.

Play It Lovely lures with wonderful, innocent notes that emphasize the beauty of every women. Top notes: citrus, blackberries and juicy peaches Heart: Sharry Baby orchid, Belle de Nuit and tuberose Base: amber, patchouli and tonka  

It costs £12. 95 so it's pretty reasonable. I could possibly be tempted to buy it again. Maybe.

And lastly there's Ciate nail polish in Jelly Bean which was a freebie in Marie Claire. I've only worn it once but I was very impressed with the quality and how well it went on (though I do wish the shimmer was more visible). I'm a sucker for bright pink polishes so I think I'll be wearing this a lot over Summer.

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