Thursday, 7 June 2012

Fave Perfumes...and Perfume Firsts!

I'm so picky when it comes to perfumes. I've not bought one myself in ages, least not a 'proper' one. Whenever I go to Debenhams I'll douse myself in them and take home lots of testers but most times none of them will have jumped out at me. Overall I think I like fresh, fruity ones as well as soft snugly powdery ones.
I'd loved Narcisco Rodriquez For Her for ages before I finally got my hands on it. Actually I didn't buy it myself, it was a present off my best friend- was so chuffed with it as it had been a bit out of my price range at £49 for 5ml (Debenhams) I would describe this as being powdery and musky. The Debenhams site says 'Three notes enhance the heart of musk:floral, amber and woody notes.' I find it to be more of an evening scent as it is quite strong and heady. But in a good way. Rather sensual really!  Good for a date night. Not like I'd know what one of them is right now. Hint hint, Kyle. I do feel it is more suited to Autumn/Winter but I wear it whenever I feel like it, as I'm sure most people do! I also really like the smell of Narcisco Rodriquez Essence Eau De Musk. To me it smells sort of like Matey bubble bath! Hmm I think I do have a preference for musky perfumes!
A long time favourite is Moschino I Love Love. I've 'Loved' this since high school as it's so light, cheerful and easy to wear. It is very similar to Dolce and Gabbana Light Blue but I do think it has some subtle differences. It's perfect for Summer as it's really citrussy and fresh. It seems to be quite hard to find in shops. I got this one at Debenhams but last time I was there I couldn't see it and it's not on the website either. Cheap Smells sells it though so I'll buy it there next. I have also pilfered this description from the site. 'Love is in the air with fresh, fruity and floral scents. Featuring top notes of orange, lemon, grapefruit, and red currant. Middle notes of rush, lilly of the valley, tea rose, and cinnamon leaves. Base notes of tanaka wood, musk, and cedar wood.'  50ml costs just £20.15 which is great. The 30ml costs £19.10. 20ml more for just £1.05 extra, who'd buy the 30ml one?!
Finally I  really like 'So...? Kiss Me' which is the cheapest of the bunch. Surprise, surprise. This is currently £5.24 down from £10.49 at Boots, but I'm sure you can get it cheaper at many other places. I like that this is fruity and 'creamy' at the same time. It is particularly nice when it has dried down and the musky base notes come through. I find it a rather comforting, snuggly scent and because it's pretty cheap I don't have to use it with caution. Not like I marinade myself it in but you get my gist! Boots says 'So…? kiss me teases with fresh blackcurrant, pineapple & citron before revealing layers of kissably sweet vanilla and a floral heart rounded by musks and woods.'  Some people may find it a bit naff and 'high schoolish' but whatever, I think it's lovely so ner :P
Just remembering the first perfumes I got when I was younger. Avon 'Butterfly' springs to mind. I do believe I wanted this after reading a review of it in 'Girl Talk' magazine! I also had Natural Collection Dewberry perfume, which I thought was the muts nuts at the time. Oo and I also remember loving 'Mizz' (as in the magazine) bodysprays -the epitome of tweeny sleepovers. Ah, the good old days!
What are your fave perfumes? What was your first perfume?


  1. I love love is one of my favourites too, its such a nice scent xoxox

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    1. It really is. I've only got a weeny bit left now, sad times :(