Monday, 4 June 2012


Today I thought I'd have a wander around town and spend some money that I haven't got. I've had such a boring weekend on the whole so just needed to get out of the house! I got a few bits and pieces and didn't actually spend that much. I will do full reviews once I've had the chance to try them out.
Firstly I went into Boots to use my No7 £5 voucher on the Hot Cloth Cleanser. I used this last year and I was very impressed with it. It made my skin soft and the cream feels so luxurious. It lasted a good while too as you get a massive tube of it (200ml). I paid £5 for it with the voucher making it rather bargainous in my view! It also comes with a muslin cloth, which I find is a bit on the thin side, but it does the job ok.

I had a look around Poundland also and got a Heathcote & Ivory bath and body hand cream in the scent blueberry and white tea and a glittery Chit Chat nail polish in 'Rio' which looks a lot like the Technic Carnival one if you are familiar with it- I looked on the bottom and seems they're both made by the same company. It's full of multicoloured glitter- I can see gold, blue, green, pink and silver- and though I haven't tried it yet, I reckon it'll be pretty good. Can't wait to layer it over a bright summery polish! The hand cream comes with a rather strange bobbly bit on the top corner of the tube making it eye catching at least I suppose. The tube states that it contains no sulphates and no parabens which will be important to some people.It also contains shea butter, vitamin E and glycerin and smells very fruity and yummy. I've used, and enjoyed, a Heathcote & Ivory hand cream before so I'm hopeful that I shall like this also.


Nice and thick
Before I left I popped into George on the hunt for the new Montagne Jeunesse 2 stage face masks and was pleased to find the one I wanted-the Break-Out mask. It cost £1.15 (I think they were on offer) and I can't wait to try it out, especially as my skin is being really shitty lately! I also got the pomegranate and butter milk shower sorbet by n-spa. I read about this on The Sunday Girl blog and really wanted to try it. This was also on offer and only cost me a pound, so couldn't really say no!

Just what I need right now. My face is erupting all over the place!


  1. Ive heard good things about the No7 cleanser! Its on my 'to try' list. Does using a muslin cloth really make a difference? Ive never tried it xox

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    1. I think it just helps to exfoliate the skin and get it extra clean. It's nice to relax in the bath with this cleanser on then wipe it off with the cloth-the steam really helps!