Friday, 22 June 2012

BeautyUK lipstick- In the Buff

This lipstick is a strange one, with a name like 'In the Buff' you would think it would be a nudey sort of colour or a browny-pink but it's actually quite a bright rose pink shade. Nonetheless I do think it is a very pretty colour. However I am not completely enamoured with it on- but I think it's coz my lips are in a bit of a bad state at the moment so all lippies are looking kind of shit. It does have a lovely texture though and would go on smoothly if it didn't have to deal with my disgusting flakes! It smells sort of minty but you can't really detect it once it's on.
I really want to like this so I'm going to give my lips a good exfoliate so that I can give it a chance. I'm quite tempted to have a look at the other colours in the range as there seemed to be quite a variety and at £3.49 are very reasonable. Just looked at the website and apparently they come in two finishes 'wet' or 'matte'. Wet... suppose it could be worse, they could have said 'moist', shudder...
This has also reminded me that Top of the Pops magazine (£2.99 and the one with Cher Lloyd on the cover) are giving away a free lip lust when you buy any BeautyUK eye product at Superdrug. Please be under no impression that I actually buy this regularly - it just caught my eye on Facebook! Buut I do think I actually will buy the mag-in fairness I read any old shite so I'd probably enjoy it! Plus I love the lip lust I've already got in Date Night.

Packaging looks similar to the MUA lipsticks

Looks red here but it is definitely a medium pink!



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