Thursday, 21 June 2012

Some Munch

These are just a few random pics of what I have been stuffing in my face lately.
 On Wednesday me and my sis went to the garden centre for a mosey around and left with not plants or flowers but some sticky toffee pudding! They have a really good section of locally produced food as well as other handmade food stuffs. We could have bought loads but stuck to some Cartmel Sticky Toffee Pudding which we had read about in a food blog. The packaging says it is homemade and that it has no fake flavours, colours or preservatives. The ingredients list is excellent-no chemicals or junk of any kind just what you would use if you were making it yourself. We had it with some double cream and it was truly delicious! It was pretty expensive at £3.99 for a pud that serves 2 but worth it for a lovely treat.

Last weekend I also bought some sweets from Home Bargains. I love perusing the sweet and chocolate aisle there- you can find all sorts! I was drawn to these Hello Kitty sweets as the box was so cute. I love the winking face when you open it! The actually sweets were ok, nothing special but they were a cheap sugar hit. I'm thinking around 20p but not certain.

I also bought another Hello Kitty egg. Yes I have bought 2 of these before! But again the cuteness factor lures me in! Plus at 50 odd pence it would be rude not too! The eggs come with a little pack of rather standard jelly beans, some stickers and a little item like a stamper, eraser, key ring, badge etc.

Got to love a bit of Chococat and how cute is the rubber?! I believe this cutie is called 'My Melody' Aww.

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