Monday, 11 June 2012

Oops I've been spending again...

I am in no position to be wasting my money on more nail polish and makeup yet I can't go into a Superdrug or Boots without the urge to buy something pretty! Need help! But seriously, I am going to be putting myself on a no-buy as I really do have enough makeup and nail gubbins to sink a ship!
Buut yesterday I did give in and buy a few things that were unashamedly flirting with me at Superdrug. In my defence individually they were all cheap items. All adds up though doesn't it at the tills!
Anyways I got two more nail polishes to feed my addiction and two lip glosses. I got some nail polish remover too but that's boring and rather a necessity.

I got a Miss Sporty 'Clubbing Colours' polish in what I thought was Manga but I think is actually Salsa.  Annoyingly they don't have the names on the bottles. It cost £1.99 but I think they had a deal on for two for £2.99. It's a lovely corally red colour that I think will look great on my toes. I also got an Accessorize polish in Utah for a bargainous £1.95. I was reaaaally tempted to get another one at that price but I resisted. For now.. I then checked out the NYC stand and got a Liquid Lipshine lipgloss in Brighton Beach Peach for £2.99. Finally I got a  BeautyUK Lip Vinyl in Pure Pacha as I've wanted it for ages. This was also £2.99. I actually tried this on whilst I was still out in town as I couldn't wait and all I have to say is Wow! It's very very bright. My boyfriend wasn't very keen on it but I don't care I think it's fab!  Here's some swatches of the lip glosses. Tried to do them on my lips but they didn't turn out very well.

Pure Pacha is super super pigmented and smells divine- like sweets. Actually smells a bit like energy drinks. You have to squeeze the product out onto a sponge applicator and it does a good job of applying it evenly and without mess. Brighton Beach Peach is a shimmery goldy peach with no glitter. However it does give quite a pearly finish as I hope the picture shows. Again it smells pleasant. Smells like the tree shaped vanilla car air fresheners you can get. It has a doe foot application but it is longer than usual ones and quite bendy, making application more faster as it covers more lip in one swipe! Not that I find lipgloss application a real time suck. Both feel really smooth on the lips and though I haven't worn either for any length of time I think they would last fairly well for glosses.

I was really intrigued by the colour of the 'Utah' polish and couldn't wait to give it a go. In all honesty it is quite an ugly colour - one of them grungy ones. The shade is a bit hard to describe. It's a pale khaki/brown shot with gold shimmer. In some lights it looks coffee-ish. Hmm the more I look at it the more brown I think it is. Here's some piccies so you can be the judge! In any case application was fine, taking two coats and drying quickly.

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