Wednesday, 6 June 2012

My Current Hair Care Products...And the Immortal Hair Cream!

Just thought I'd share with you what hair products I'm currently using. My hair is long, colour treated and very thick and I can go quite a few days without the need to wash it. I'll wash it maybe three times a week. Though it depends what I'm doing really and how grub-ish I'm feeling! I go through conditioner faster than shampoo as I absolutely pile on the stuff. My hair can get very dry and it helps with detangling my haystack afterwards.
The shampoo I'm using is Head and Shoulders Hydrating Smooth and Silky. I really like this and have bought it before on a few occasions. It leaves my hair nice and soft and helps with my dry scalp problem. My scalp can also get quite itchy and this seems to soothe it somewhat. I've tried the matching conditioner before too and I recall it working well. Overall I think it's a pretty underrated shampoo.
The conditioner I'm currently using is Boot's Fruit Essence Vibrant Colour Conditioner and is not the best I've ever tried. It's probably not the worst either, but I can't get very excited about it. For one it's SUPER thin and runny. I don't even have to squeeze the bottle for it to come dribbling out. And secondly, because it's so runny, I feel like I'm wasting half of it as it slips through my fingers and down the plughole. Got to work fast and just slap it on my head with this one! I think I only bought it because I got a voucher for it from the Boots Advantage Card machine. I definitely won't be repurchasing it. The matching shampoo I got at the same time is slightly better but not one I'd repurchase either. Makes a good brush cleaner though!
For deep conditioning I'm loving Alberto V05 'Treat Me Right' deep conditioning treatment - Elixir with 5 natural oils. It smells amazing and works really well with the miracle concentrate I mentioned in my favourites. It has a lovely texture and smells amazing. Most importantly it makes me hair feel silky smooth as soon as I've rinsed it out.

As well as the miracle concentrate I also use Tigi Bed Head Headrush shine spray which smells gorgeous and is not heavy in the slightest. The bottle describes it as 'Shine Adrenaline with a Superfine Mist.' I like to spray this onto a hairbrush then brush it through once I've finished drying/straightening it. A fairly recent purchase is Charles Worthington All Over Gloss Spray which I have also been using now and then. I got this from Home Bargains for £1 something-not sure exactly but I know it was cheap! Again this is also light (though not as much as the Tigi one) and leaves my hair looking more glossy. Quite a feat with my dry growing out highlights hair!

And now we have The Immortal Hair Cream! Introducing Herbal Essences Beautiful Ends Split End Protection Cream

Seriously, this stuff has last me ages and ages! I bought this in my 2nd year of uni I think and it's now been a year since I've left. It just doesn't seem to be going down even though I use it nearly every time I wash my hair. It's not to say I don' t like it though. There's nothing wrong with it at all. And should I finish it I probably would buy it again. It smells lovely and fruity and doesn't weigh my hair down. I'm quite generous with it on towel dried hair and I'm not left with lank or greasy looking hair. It says you can use it on dry hair also but I've never used it this way. I do think it has helped with preventing and disguising split ends as I haven't been to the hairdressers in ages and my hair isn't looking too bad. I do need a cut badly and the ends are a little frizzy but it could be worse!

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