Saturday, 28 July 2012

My Nail Polish Collection!

Ta Dah!!!

I must say it was very satisfying dumping all my polishes together like this.
Warning: Lots of piss poor pictures to commence!

George @ Asda, Collection 2000

Tesco All About Nails, Natural Collection

Barry M (Which I'm actually not overly fond of), W7

Color Club- Found all these at TK Maxx

Miss Sporty, No 7, Accessorize, GOSH

Nails Inc (All freebies!), Revlon, Rimmel, Loreal

Sally Hansen, NYC, Missguided (Cosmo freebies)

17, 2True, BeautyUK

Top Row-Pound shop, Botton-Floozie by Frost French at Debenhams, rather crap

Miscellaneous-Bourjois, NYX, Ciante, Star Gazer, ELF, MUA, Max Factor, Asda own brand (crapola X 1000) Lancome- this must be at least 13 years old!

If anything this has made me realise just how many I actually have and how many I never use -albeit some with good reason! I really do need to start showing a lot of these some more love! I think over the summer, whilst I have the chance as I'm not working in schools, I will try to use as many as possible.


  1. Awesome collection, I'm a bit jealous! I have to agree with you about Barry M Nail Paints though, I'm really not that fussed!

    1. Yeh, they don't seem to go on that well, and the magnetic one I've got just doesn't work-tried so many times! I'm such an addict haha and now I can't be bothered to go put them all away again!

  2. Wow hugee collection :). yours new follower i would appreciate if u folow me back

  3. Great collection :) I have loads too but some are so old haha! I need to go through them all and chuck the old ones out. What brand is your fave? xox

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  4. Oo that's a tough question! I seem to favour the cheaper ones more like Tesco, Collection 2000 and Miss Sporty, saying that I do really like the Loreal Color Riche ones but they're a bit expensive for such diddy bottles.