Sunday, 8 July 2012

Tesco All About Nails Blueberry Pie

Mmm I really want pie now. Any will do!
I've had a rubbish day so thought I would cheer myself up slightly with a new post. Did you know new potatoes could explode when microwaved? I didn't until this afternoon when my new top, the walls, the carpet, my hair, my everything got covered in the starchy (and beany- there were baked beans in the mix too) shrapnel. Plus my so called boyfriend stood me up. Again. I'm actually looking forward to work tomorrow.
Anyways enough of my sob stories and onto my new gorgeous nail polish. As soon as I spotted this I knew it had to be mine. I love bluey purple/purpley blue colours and at 99p I couldn't refuse. Like I've said before the quality of these nail polishes, for the price, is amazing. The opacity was great- I could have gotten away with just one coat. It also dries fast and to a shiny finish. Much love.
The pictures make it look much bluer than it really is- it's definitely got more purple tones in person.

I've also experimented with layering another more shimmery colour over the top of it to give it extra punch. I've only put it on my pinkies but George quick dry nail polish in Ultra Violet looks lovely. Normally I'd have to use 4 coats to achieve the opacity I want with it but paired up with Blueberry Pie I get the effect I want with less of the effort! George polishes are a bargain also and are often on offer for a quid and if not they're only £1.75 or something. I think I'll cover all my nails with it at some point during the week when it's starting to look a bit tired-I'll try and get some pics up.

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