Monday, 9 July 2012

Bits and Bobs

So today I went for a quick shop after work. I felt I deserved it after a rather disappointing weekend!
First up I went to Home Bargains. I love this shop, they often have some great finds. Though lots of times it's a one off and I wish I had gotten more. Today I got some Lindt Lindor chocolates which I just think are balls of utter nomness as well as a super super cute 'My Melody' notebook and pencil. I also got some Melody pops (bit of a theme here!) for a bit of nostalgia. Shame they only did strawberry and not my favourite watermelon.
The camera has washed it out but its a lemon yellow colour. And unbelievably cute!



Next I went to Tesco and got a bottle of Treacle Moon Iced Strawberry Dream bath and shower gel. I've seen it on a lot of blogs and so temptation got the better of me! Shower gel is an essential though so I don't feel too bad..even if I already have a good few lined up now! But it was cheap and limited edition so why not!The scent is nothing special or new really but it's still very pleasant and fitting for summer.

Lastly I went to Boots looking for a shampoo for my newly highlighted hair. I say newly but I've been having it highlighted since I was in my teens so it's always got some blonde in it. It can get a little brassy, especially as I go for more golden highlights so I decided on John Frieda sheer blonde colour renew tone correcting shampoo. I've used this before and it's one of the cheapest I've found so I'll be using this once a week to keep it looking bright and non-canary ish. I also felt like buying a new lippie. Just coz. And I finally chose a Collection Lasting Colour one in Sweet Tart- a bright raspberry pink. It's brighter than what I usually go for but I felt like a change.

Brighter than it appears here, apologies for the lovely veiny hand

One last thing, my mum has just come back from a 3 week holiday to Spain (jammy cow) and very kindly brought me back of bottle of Tinto De Verano. Basically it's red wine and lemonade and it's very refreshing and yum. And not very sophisticated in the slightest!!

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