Sunday, 15 July 2012

Confuzzled! Infaillible or Infallible??

Ok, so I was perusing Fragrance Direct when I spotted some Loreal Colour Infallible eyeshadows. I was going to purchase until I noticed that it said Colour Infaillable on the container in the picture rather than 'Infallible' so thought maybe it was a fake or something. Anyways in Boots today I noticed that the name differed between the pots and the stand labels there also. Am I just being really blonde and it's meant to be like that or what?!


  1. hey there great Blog!!! I love the rimmel glosses but I never came accross them !!! reminds me of Maxfactor's Lipfinity!!
    Keep posting & if u ever av time stop by & check my blog out id appreciate that

  2. lol &my apologies I was meant to post this on your latest log but u know what im on about (:

    1. aw i do haha, worn one of them out today- bit sticky but i reckon i'll still get some use out of them!