Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Lip of the Day!

This morning I tried one of the Rimmel lip glosses I got the other day at Poundland. I chose the shade Sunset Mauve. I was quite surprised really because the colour it appeared on my hand when I swatched it didn't really transfer to my lips.I'm thinking this might be because my lips are not short of colour to start with. I think it's pretty nonetheless though. I also found it to feel quite tacky. I wasn't going to wear any gloss over the top of it initially but I couldn't have stood the stickiness otherwise! But once I'd put a clear gloss on top it felt much better and I did like the effect.

The colour lasted well and it didn't cling to any dry bits, however I did put lip balm on first to prevent it as I do with most lipsticks. Overall I'm relatively pleased, just wished it was less tacky!

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