Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Superdrug Sugar & Spice Self-Heating Mask

I bought two face masks recently, the Sugar & Spice one I'm now going to review, and another anti-ageing moisture mask. My skin's been feeling a bit clogged up lately so thought it could do with a mask to hopefully help shift the crap out of my pores. The Sugar & Spice one says 'Caramel and Mediterranean Clay - Brightens and softens skin- Ideal for all skin types.' The packet describes the smell as cinnamon and vanilla and they're not wrong. It smells delish. It also has a good texture and spreads on easily. It's fairly sticky so no drips. The heating aspect can be felt immediately and was impressive and quite long lasting-it didn't disappear after the initial contact. I also liked that this mask doesn't dry as whilst I do have spots I don't want my skin getting overly dry and then trying to compensate for it leading to more oiliness!
Now here's the thing that makes me a bit unsure of this mask. When it came to taking it off my skin felt a little sore. I did however remove it with a muslin cloth and I have spent a lot of time outdoors today so perhaps my skin is a tad sun sore and didn't appreciate the quite abrasive cloth. It feels fine now, rather smooth and soft actually, so I hoping it was a mishap on my part and not the mask as I really do think it's a lovely one.


  1. I love self heating masks :D I might try this but I hope it doesnt hurt when I take it off! You are right though, its probably just because you were out in the sun :) sometimes my skin gets like that too xox

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    1. Yeh I think it was that, was a daft thing to do really! I saw another one today in Superdrug in chocolate orange and that's self heating too, really want it, adore that smell!

  2. I have never seen this in superdrug only the little tubes that they do. I'll need to have a look next time I am in .

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