Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Book Review: Breakfast at Darcy's

I seem to go through phases of reading lots to reading nothing at all (apart from mags, I'm a bit of a magazine fiend and devour them). I got this one at The Works as part of a 3 for £5 deal. I like fluffy easy to read chick lit and this seemed to fit the bill! Last year I read 'From Notting Hill with Love...Actually' by the same authour, Ali McNamara and had enjoyed it so hoped I'd like this also, which I did. Basically it's about a girl called Darcy, funny enough, who is left an island in Ireland by her Aunt Molly in her will. However to get her full inheritance she has to make the island habitable again and build a community of at least 15 people. Of course it wouldn't be a proper chick lit book without some romance! This is where Conor and Dermot come in. Who will take Darcy's fancy?( Incidentaly as I was reading it Dermot reminded me a lot of Luke Danes from Gilmore Girls. And I heart Luke)). Well I have to say this was where the book was very predictable. I knew from the offset who she'd end up with as I'm sure most readers would! I also found the story a tad unbelievable at times. I find it very hard to believe that her beyonce-esque flatmate would really join her on the island and give up her London life. But hey! an enjoyable read none the less. Though it didn't have enough romp-age for my liking. Do like a bit of filth haha.

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