Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Wrexham Food Festival

On Saturday I went to the Wrexham Food Festival with my mum and sis. There was a pretty good range of stalls selling all sorts such as cakes, chutneys, olives, turkish delight nuts, local beers, pies, welsh cakes etc... Of course my favourite stalls were the ones selling cakes. I was particularly taken with 'The Little Round Cake Company' stall and had to get one of the Black Forest 'Tweener' cakes. They are described as being mini layer cakes that are inbetween a traditional cream filled sponge cake and a cupcake, that can be enjoyed by more than one person. I don't share though :D I really enjoyed it but I wish there had been more cherry-ness!They were meant to have kirsch in them too but I couldn't detect it. Nevertheless it was still yummy but very rich, I got defeated and had to eat to eat it in two sittings! I would love to try more of their cakes...and their biscuits and meringues too! I also bought some (or rather Mummy did) chocolate and mint fudge. It was very gorgeous and far too easy to eat. Moar please!

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