Wednesday, 30 May 2012

Sea and Sun Eyes!

I decided to have a little play about with some of my MUA eyeshadow palettes the other day. I wanted a sort of tropical look with golds and blue/greens. I was relatively happy with the results, apart from my rather glittery cheeks and the fact I think it was a bit OTT for a trip to the dentists. I eventually paired it down!

I used 'Dusk til Dawn (top) and 'Glamour Days' (bottom). 'Glamour Days' is new- my sister got it free in an order and gave it to me. The other I've had for a while and just never used it! There is a good range of shades in both and overall they are fairly good quality. I do find there is a lot of fallout though as a lot of the shades are very glittery. I should have done my foundation afterwards- felt very sparkly faced! 
Out of the 'Dusk til Dawn' palette I used the turquoise and the glittery navy blue to the right of it. Turquoise on my lid and the navy in the crease.

Out of the 'Glamour Days' palette I used the top left shade, a creamy highlight all over my lid and to help blend everything at the end. I think I'll get a lot of use out of this shade. I also used the third shade on the bottom ,a beautiful gold, on the inner corners and over the eyeliner on my lower lash line. 

Looks like I haven't blended properly but I had, or at least tried, I am very cack handed!
I used Max Factor False Lash Effect mascara (which I am not too fussed about in all honesty) and a teal-y 'Fearne' (as in Fearne Cotton) eyeliner.
It looked much brighter in real life!
What I settled on in the end. More subtle.

Like I said I was relatively pleased with the results but sadly I don't think blues suit me as much as other colours! Fun to experiment though! 

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