Wednesday, 23 May 2012

Soap & Glory Hand Food

It feels like I have permanently dry disgusting hands. Granted I do wash my hands a lot but even when I apply it each night it doesn't seem to work- it's like they're moisture resistant! I can load them up with cream and then put on my moisturising gloves and by morning still feel Sahara dry! Grr. They can get so bad that they crack and bleed. In this case I use like a E45 cream as others just make them sting sooo much. Thankfully they haven't been that bad in while, but they frequently got that way when I worked in a day nursery and was slathering my hands with alcohol gel every 5 mins.

I got this hand cream in the Big Splendour gift set at Christmas. Firstly I love the smell but like I said I wouldn't use it if my hands were super irritated. The texture is good: neither too thin or thick and absorbs quickly. The label says 'The Most Astonishing Hand Cream Ever? You Decide!' Well I've decided that no, it isn't. Actually, I think the best I've used yet was a discount brand one from Tesco for only 75p! This costs £5.00 from Boots. A bit steep I think. I may purchase a mini one again, to put in my bag, as I do adore the smell, but I think I'll experiment with some more. I'm always on the look out for something better!

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