Sunday, 20 May 2012

Foray into Fake Tan

So recently I've felt the need to give some colour to my pasty limbs. I blame my boyfriend for sodding off to Spain. When he comes back I'll look positively anaemic next to him! I'd heard good things about Dove summer glow so when it was on offer in Savers for something like £1.99 I thought I'd give it a go. First things first. Gradual tan my arse. There was nothing gradual about what I woke up to after my first application. It was like I'd put on a regular fake tan and it was obvious where I'd missed. So last night I gave myself another coating and I also put some facial tanner on too so that I wouldn't have a two tone body. I chose Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze self tan face cream and mixed it in with some normal moisturiser to dilute it a bit.
Back to the Dove for a min, but this stuff takes ages to sink in. However I have found this to be the case with all the tanners I've tried bar the sprays and mousses. Suppose it doesn't help that I load it on for fear of missing bits but still. Makes me feel like a right sweaty get. Plus then there's that typical fake tan smell. My room smells delightful this morning. Nothing like a bit of musty biscuit aroma :/
The results this morning are could be worse. I need to scub a bit around my feet and wrists and give my knees and elbows a buffing. But if you squint it doesn't look tooo bad. My face, though not oompa loompa orange thankfully, looked like I'd smeared lard on it. So shiny and oily. The cream is far heavier than anything I'd normally put on my face and now I have a spot that I feel deserves a name on my nose. Not impressed. But like I said least I'm not Tango'd.
'Manager's Special' at Savers and Boots Soltan Beautiful Bronze face cream-£6.99

Yesterday I dabbled with some make up I could use to give myself some colour. As a base I used Garnier BB cream, it's a smidge too dark for me but in this case works well. I then used Sleek Suade blush as a sort of contour shade and then applied the bright pink Elf blush I've mentioned previously. I also dug out my neglected Honlulu W7 bronzer and gave myself a sweep of that around my hairline and a bit across my nose. I always feel really self consious when I use bronzer but I think it looked ok!
'Honolulu was dirt cheap from Savers too


  1. I tried Dove Summer Glow last year and to start with I was surprised. It was moisturising and smelt heavenly. Woke up the next morning patchy as anything and the smell was pretty vom-worthy in my opinion :/ Think I'll have to try another way to fake tan! My favourite bronzer for my face is the 17 bronzer/highlighter duo - love it! The Sleek blush looks gorgeous and its one I've never seen before so will definitely check this out next time I'm in Superdrug :) xx

    1. I've had another go with the Dove and I think as long as I really rub it in then it looks ok! Still stinks though! Used to use Loreal Nutrisummer and that was pretty good. I'll have to try out the 17 bronzer. The sleek blush was part of the Nude Collection, I really want one of the blush trio's but haven't seen them at all at my local one! :(