Tuesday, 8 May 2012

Make up faves part 2

So here are my favourite eyeshadows which I forgot to include in yesterdays post  (Read: Too tired/lazy to add!)
 Firstly I've been enjoying using the middle shade from an eyeshadow trio that I got given as part of a set at Christmas. It's by No 7 and I don't think it has a name. It's a hard shade to describe. I'd say it's a minky/taupey bronzey shimmery colour. It might actually be the 'Mink' shade that you can get as a solo shadow from the range but I'm not 100%. Anywho, it's nicely pigmented and silky smooth.

Next up is the Fearne Cotton eyeshadow palette which I got in the sales after Christmas. They had two versions a daytime one and an evening one, but I was more drawn to the subtle  colours in this one. I love the packaging so much, the scarabs remind me of The Mummy movies which I adore. Is that shameful? Plus I thought the colours were a bit different to what is usually on the market. They are very shimmery and I do get a bit of fallout but they are just such easy colours to wear, perfect for a delicate daytime look.

Cuteness right there

Another palette that I get a lot of use out of, as I'm sure a lot of people do, is the Sleek Storm palette. In particular I use the bronze/golden shades but I really want to experiment more with the other colours, especially the rosey pink ones, top right. I actually wore the brown shades to my graduation :) They have a lovely easy to blend texture and are long lasting.

Finally I have a lot of love for my cream eyeshadow in Dawn from Elf. Again it is easy to wear (I do favour neutrals) and is perfect for swiping on when I'm in a bit of a rush. I think it would also work quite well as I base for powder eyeshadows. I think I did actually try this once with my first fave eyeshadow. It does crease after a while but it wears much better than other ones I've tried and it's not terribly noticeable. 

So there you have it. Not the most exciting colours in the world but I like them! I also feel like I need to mention my recent love for my MUA palette in Starry Night. I've finally mastered the smokey eye look with the help of this beaut. 
Me looking rather cheesy. But with eyes I was well chuffed with! Oo also on my lips I wore Sleek Barely There with Sexy Mother Pucker gloss on top in Candyfloss

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