Monday, 7 May 2012

Make up faves!

Hello! So this will be my first proper post :D It's not very exciting and my photography skills leave a lot to be desired but hopefully this blog will give me something to do whilst I'm job-hunting, there's only so much Maury I can watch after all!
I still think this blog will be about all sorts really, books, food, random ramblings etc.. but I thought I'd start with a makeup post as I love reading beauty blogs and I probably start every day by having a look through them all! Sad.
On with the post, foundation first, my favourite has to be Loreal True Match Minerals powder. I have it in W1 though I should probably go for C1 as I'm cool toned but I like that it warms my skin up and gives some colour to my face.

Shocking picture aside I really like this foundation and I'm on my third one now. I've had a few compliments when I'm wearing this so that's always good. I find it gives me a lovely glowy finish with good coverage. Downsides are that it is expensive at about £15, the powder can get everywhere and the brush could be softer. However I think the positives easily outweigh any negatives!
If I feel like wearing a liquid foundation then my favourite one is mymix in fair by myface cosmetics. In all honesty I haven't really touched this in a while, but I'm not sure why as the colour match is excellent and it goes on so well. I'll definately be trying to get more wear out of it. Plus it cost me something like  £12 at the time for quite a farty amount so I'm gonna use it whether I like it or not!

Next, on to blushers! My favourite has to be my Natural Collection one in Pink Cloud. It's just such an easy colour to wear and it's only £1.99. Bargainous! My other current fave is Pink Passion by Elf from the Studio line. It's a gorgeous bright pink and a little goes a long way. This is the blush that I took away with me on a trip to Romania as I had to pack lightly and wanted to wear as little makeup as possible for times sake. So this, along with the Loreal powder and mascara, and I was good to go :)
Left: Elf, Right: Natural Collection
Speaking of mascara my favourite is another Natural Collection item and is the WaterGuard one. Again it's only £1.99 and I think it works better than most other, more expensive, mascaras I've tried. It doesn't clump and defines my lashes nicely. Only negative is that it's a pain to remove and I'm a lazy get so really don't appreciate the removal of it eating into my sleep time!

Finally we have my favourite lippies! I love a good lippy me. 

Maybelline Colorsensational lipstick in 'Pink Brown' (brown tube) - This is the perfect colour to just slap on and go. It's really moisturising too and has a great smooth texture. The name don't lie. Its a pinky brown.

17 Mirrorshine lipstick in 'Flirtini' (blue tube) - I've been in love with this lately. It's a bright but sheer shimmery pink so all in all very summery. I actually think these are better than the Revlon Lip Butters and cost much less! 

Sally Hansen Natural Beauty Color Comfort Lip Color (mouthful or what) in 'Pink Blossom' (greeny tube) - I found this at PoundWorld. For a whole pound, would you believe. And again I love it and wear it often. Just seems to fit in with a variety of makeup looks. Not like I have many but you get the gist! Its a lovely soft mid toned pink colour with a smooth texture-not drying in the slightest. Such a steal!

BeautyUK Lip Lust in 'Date Night' (the only lipgloss, with BeautyUK on it.) - I saw this on the blog Midnight Violets and I had to have it. I thought it would be a good pinky/browny 'my lips but better' shade and it has proven to be just that! It's not sticky at all and smells yummy. Its only £2.99 too so very reasonable! I have the 'Playboy' shade too but I'm not as keen on that colour.

So yes, there we have it. And I've just noticed I haven't mentioned my fave eyeshadows. Plop. But this has tuckered me out for now, see I said I was lazy! so I'll add them later. 

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