Tuesday, 29 May 2012

Book Review: The Single Girl's To-Do List

I'm getting through books quite quickly at the moment, what with being rather jobless and all that. I've got another two (nearly 3) to review after this one. Go me.
I loved this book by Lindsay Kelk and was a bit sad when I had finished it! I had nothing to look forward to! Sad. I find a lot of chick lit books to be predictable but on the whole this one wasn't- it was fast paced and had plenty of twists and turns it it. The characters were brilliant, especially Rachel's (the main character) best friends Emelie and Matthew. I could really visualise them. I loved Matthew though. Makes me want a gay best friend too! The story grabbed me right from the very start-vital as if a book isn't instantly engaging I'm likely to give up on it, I'm not into slow burners! Overall it was fun and easy to read- ideal for reading whilst lounging on a sunbed on holiday, I'd imagine. (Aww holidays....snap me out of my reverie please!) Lindsay Kelk is also the author of the 'I Heart' series which I had also enjoyed. Though I actually still need to read 'I Heart Vegas'.  I was confident then that I would enjoy this one also. Which I did. It's obvious that Lindsay has a 'type' in regards to men also. Dan in this story definitely reminded me somewhat of Alex from 'I Heart...' Not a bad thing at all! ;)
I got this from The Works on a 3 for a fiver deal, £1.99 on it's own. Definitely one for the summer!


  1. Sounds like a fun, girly read! I have read I heart New York from the same author and I love her style of writing so I think I'm going to check out this book and some others from her :) Thanks for the review! xx

    1. It definately was :D I can't wait to read I Heart Vegas now