Monday, 28 May 2012

Phil Smith SOS Rescue Damage- Protection Conditioner

My hair tends to be on the dry side most days. My hair's pretty long, very thick (bushy to boot) and I've got grown out highlights so it appreciates a good conditioner! I got this one from Sainsbury's whilst it was on offer. It's normally £3.99, which I think is a bit steep, but at the time it was £1.99. I've just checked the Sainsbury's website and it looks like there's a 50% off offer across the range - or some of it at least, not quite sure.
According to the packaging 'This intensive conditioner delivers top-level pampering for heat-stresed hair. Protection, repair, shine and softness-it ticks every box.' 
I'm down to the last dregs now and I have to say it's been an excellent conditioner. It has a lovely thick texture (I hate mimsy, runny ones!) smells nice and is very effective in making my hair softer and smoother. I can feel the softness straightaway as I am rinsing it off and it definately makes brushing my hair afterwards much easier. I know you are meant to use a wide tooth comb or whatever but I am really too impatient, drying it takes too long as it is! Speaking of drying, and when I can be bothered to dry it semi properly rather than just blasting it, my hair is left smoother and less frizzy and pouffy. It also contains 'provitamin B5 for frazzled, frequently-styled hair'. Whilst it does get a bit of a beating with the hair dryer my hair it isn't as frazzled as it could be, but as it's been super hot and sunny lately,and I've been spraying on sun protection oil, my hairs been left feeling fried and rather ick and I feel this has been helping.
I'm meant to be on a no buy regarding hair care but I'm so tempted to go get another tube whilst it's on offer!

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