Thursday, 17 May 2012

Tesco All About Nails- Southseas

This was an impulse buy during a quick dash to Tesco- I was about to walk away when I spotted it and just had to have it. Plus at just 99p it's a complete bargain! It's a minty/blue shade with some pretty shimmer running through it. It's not obvious unless you look closely or when it catches the light. Similar colours to compare it too could include Bourjois Bleu Model and Rimmel Misty Jade ( I don't own these, this is just based on swatches I've seen online). It took 2 coats to achieve the finish I wanted, which is fairly standard I find, and application was great-not too thin or thick. It dried quickly also which is always a plus. The bottle is quite dinky containing 7ml but considering it's only 99p it can't be sniffed it! Especially when Loreal Color Riche polishes cost £4.99 for just 5ml! Who ever uses up a whole bottle of polish anyway?! Very few I'm sure! I'm really impressed with this line- the range of colours isn't vast but I would have thought they'd have something for everyone- darks, lights, a few brights! I have few others-Perfect Pink and Bronze-and again the quality is outstanding for the price. They really do rival more expensive brands.


  1. Oo I love this shade! I've not come across the Tesco polishes before so I will have to have a look :) It looks like a cross between Bourjois Bleu Model and China Glaze For Audrey - beautiful! xx

    1. I was so chuffed with this find 99p is amazing for such a nice, quality colour