Thursday, 24 May 2012

Nail Polish Fiend

I love love love nail polish. I must have near 100 now but I can't seem to stop myself from buying them. I keep telling myself 'No Laura, you have enough now!'  But then I'll see a gorgeous new colour or a new range and I start to sweat like a weight watcher in a cake shop and inevitable I end up giving in to temptation. I actually think my collection could be much bigger If I had a steady full time job so really it's not too shameful!
Well firstly I'll show you my faves. It would be fair to assume that these are the colours I wear frequently but it's not always the case as I have so many that I generally like to wear different ones each times. However my faves are the ones that I put on and think 'Why don't I wear these more often?!' and spend a lot of time lovingly gazing at them like a weirdo.

  1. GOSH -Misty Mauve (Special Edition) - I got this, along with the other one, on sale a while back. It's a lovely lavender creme polish. The formula is good being not too thin or thick and it applies beautifully, taking two coats for full coverage.
  2. GOSH -Neon Baby (Special Edition)- This is a bright neon pink. It's what I choose when I want Barbie nails and looks delightfully princessy with a glitter topcoat! I normally apply 2 coats but you could get away with just one.
  3. W7- Cosmic Purple- I got this for just £1.50 at a local market stall and it's so pretty! It takes about 3 coats to build up the gorgeous purple and blue glitter but I love the end result- so sparkly and quite the statement polish! Just seen a review of Models Own Disco Mix and this is very similar, but much cheaper!
  4. Accessorize- Pink Spice- I adore this polish. Every time I wear this I catch myself looking at my nails more times than is normal! It's a lovely bronzey pink duochrome. No probs with application (2 coats) and lasts well.
  1. MUA Love Hearts -U Rok- I knew I had to get this as soon as I saw it! It's a blue toned lilac/periwinkle that is perfect for spring and summer. I'm a bit gutted, it's starting to get a bit gloopy and the brush seems to have splayed :( I'll definitely be showing this one some love again soon.
  2. Collection 2000 Hot Looks -BMX Bandit- A similar sort of shade to U Rok this is again a purpley blue. I love the Hot Looks range. They always have really on trend shades and they are dirt cheap at £1.79.
  3. Natural Collection -Black Cherry- So cheap at £1.89 but so stunning. It's a rich vibrant cherry red with a golden shimmer. Ideal for Autumn and Winter as it's very festive.
  4. 2True Glossywear Nail Polish Shade No 30- This is my go-to polish for interviews/more formal occasions. I actually wore this to my graduation :) It's a hard colour to describe. It's a nude with a slight pink shimmer that becomes more dusky the more coats you apply. Sorry that's such a bad description! Anyways it dries fast and application is a breeze.
I have also chosen some colours that I will be wearing this summer.

  1. Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure- Sea and Be Seen- I got this from Fragrance Direct for only £1.49. It's a beautiful shimmery blue with lilac tones which looks different depending on the lighting. Takes 4 coats on it's own so probably best layered over another polish.
  2. No 7 Stay Perfect Nail Colour -Jammy- I love the name of this and it's a great pearly hot pink with fuchsia shimmer.
  3. Color Club polish- I got this in a set and have no idea what the shade name is. But it's a creamy peachy orange.Very tropical for Summer.
  4. Barry M Nail Paint- Blue Moon- This is a fairly new purchase and is a pale pastel blue with blue shimmer running through it. It is very sheer and I think it needed 3 coats.
  5. Nails Inc -Bluebell- Everyone knows about this Instyle mag freebie! Periwinkle perfection.
  6. George Quick Dry Nail Varnish -Shipwrecked- I got this last year and it's been rather neglected but I don't know why as it's a gorgeous creamy sea green colour. It's more green than what it looks like in the picture.
  7. Collection 2000 Hot Looks- Swizzles- I got this as part of a pack in Poundworld. It's a bright fuchsia- sweet and very girly!
  1. BeautyUK Glam Nails-Turquoise Shimmer No. 45- I love wearing this shimmery turquoise green on my toes and looks great under black crackle (if anyone is still doing that!)
  2. Revlon Nail Enamel- Rock- Another Fragrance Direct bargain at £1.75. It's a creamy but vibrant violet shade- sort of grapey actually! I can't wait to wear this again. Possibly with some glitter on top too...
  3. MUA Nail Varnish- Shade 15- Another lovely bright pink shade. I've only worn this once so far but I was really impressed with the formula and could have gotten away with just one coat. For a quid it's fab!

I've actually started to bore myself now haha so hope this wasn't too tedious for you and I hope my descriptions were adequate! 


  1. I love the collection 2000 shades, especially their new pastel colours. They're great for spring xx

  2. They are, and I keep looking at the new one 'Electric Dreams' everytime I go past so I think I'm gonna have to cave in!

  3. I love the No 7 polish! I have loads cos I stock up when Boots do the £5 off vouchers haha xxxx

    1. Got to love the vouchers! I like them but would never pay full price!I've got a few at the mo so think I'll check them out tomoz :)