Saturday, 19 May 2012

Cheeky Chops to Cheer Me Up!

Disgusting weather today. Again. So thought I'd put on a this rather cheery colour by No7. It's such a pretty, summery colour. Would look even better with a smidge of a tan but don't think I'm gonna get one! It's a hard colour to catch on camera. It can look more pink/orange depending on the lighting but it's definitely a pink. Albeit a peachy one. Generally I'm not too keen on the No 7 formula - some apply fine whilst others go on awful. However this one went on great with two coats.


  1. I LOVE this nail varnish, have had loads of compliments on it too! Perfect for Summer...when the sun shows itself! x

    1. Only worn it twice since I got it a while ago but think I'll definately be showing it a bit more love during the summer! Think I may do a summer nail polish post soon too :)