Wednesday, 9 May 2012

Pound shop bargains!

I love to have a rifle through the makeup bits and bobs at pound shops. There's a lot of shit to be had but also some great steals! Here's my favourite buys.
Would have done swatches of the gloss and blusher but my camera is a bit shit at close up shots!

Starting with my most recent purchase, and one that I'm sure is still available to buy, is a blusher from Pound Land's own makeup range 'Chit Chat'. The blusher is in the shade 'Desert Rose' and I've seen a darker shade as well as a brighter pink. It looks like a dusky pink in the pan but swatches as a more peachy slightly frosty colour. It's a bit like a blusher/highlighter in one as it does give add somewhat of a glow. The texture is very soft and it does kick up a lot of powder when used, however its a delicate, easy colour to wear  and one I can see myself reaching for lots.
I was well chuffed to find the Collection 2000 lipglosses as I had heard good things about them, but I believe they have been discontinued. I found the two 'Love Your Lips' glosses in Pound World. They were each part of a set including a nail polish. The polishes are actually pretty good also. One was in 'Lifes a Peach' a sheer shimmery peach shade and a Hot Looks polish in 'Swizzles' a bright fuchsia. I have them in the shades 'Adore' and 'Delight'.  Both are rather nudey colours but 'Adore' is more pink while 'Delight' is lighter with shimmer running through it. I love the smell of these - 'Delight' in particular, smells more tropical! They also have spf 20 so they'll be great to use in the summer or if I get the chance to go away on holiday.
The mascara I also got when I bought the blusher. It's by Miss Sporty and is the 'Fabulous Lash Xtra Black Lash Building Mascara' It claims to have 'extra black pigments' but I don't think it's any blacker than anything else I've used. In truth it's not the best ever but for a pound it's pretty good and I'm never truly bowled over my any mascara! I like this just as much as my most expensive mascara at the moment, the Max Factor Falsh Lash Effect one.  The brush looks like this and is effective at grabbing all the lashes. I like the slimness of it. Can't be doing with the big fat brushes!

I wouldn't say it's extremely lash building but it does a good job of defining and making them look a bit thicker. A good everyday one really.

My name is Laura and I'm a nail polish addict. I love nail polish and can't stop buying it! Therefore I'm always on the hunt for new ones when I'm in the pound shops. These three are great. On the left is Sally Hansen Complete Salon Manicure in 'Delphinium'. It's a darker more 'smoky' lilac than the picture shows. In the middle is a Rimmel 'Pro' polish in 'Urban Princess'. It's very much a Barbie, bubblegum pink- so pretty. And on the right is another Sally Hansen one in 'Model Behaviour'- a very in-your-face bright blue. Again this would be perfect for holiday, especially on my toes.
I would have done swatches but I'm giving my nails a break-they're so stained! Don't often have the patience for base coat!
There you have it! My little essay on my pound shop finds :D  

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